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16,  Via  Ravizza
Milano  20149  -  ITALY

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email: info@luigidelmonte.com

Luigi Del Monte is an Italian Jewish artist and engineer who specializes in contemporary art and design.

After spending several years as a structural engineer, he launched a new career in 1998 as a designer reinterpreting everyday and ceremonial objects in a contemporary style that pays homage to ancient traditions.
That year, he designed his first piece, "The Arch", a sterling silver Hanukkah Menorah, which he first made for his own use. It is now available in a limited edition (one piece was purchased by the Spertus Museum, Chicago, and now in the permanent collection).

Del Monte initially focused on Jewish ceremonial objects, now in many of the world's most important Jewish museums.
In 1999, he started designing and producing lines of anodized aluminum pieces, among them two works featured the following year in the MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art, New York) Winter 2000 Design Store catalog.
His deep interest in Jewish culture and art manifests itself in the creation of fine Judaica executed with sophisticated, elegant lines and shapes, often incorporating the use of reflection.

He is now dedicated to designing all kinds of modern items. He has created sculptures that combine sterling, bronze and aluminum, and has designed donors' walls and large Hanukkiyot.

His works can be found in the permanent collections of many prestigious institutions, including the Israel Museum, Jerusalem; the Spertus Museum, Chicago; the Skirball Museum, Los Angeles; and the Museo dei Lumi, Casale Monferrato (Italy). At the Italian Jewish Museum in Florence, his pieces were selected to show the continuity of Italian Jewish art through the present day, the only modern objects displayed next to treasures of past centuries.
His work is also exhibited in many contemporary galleries, such as the Moss Gallery in New York. Many of his works, including one-of-a-kind silver pieces, furniture and large outdoor sculptures, were commissioned for important private collections.

Del Monte is recognized in many international competitons, among them: the Grand Prize Winner of the Judith Altman Memorial Judaica Competition (2002); Finalist in the 2004 Spertus Judaica Prize Competition

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