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47,  Via  Buonarroti
Milano  20145  -  ITALY

Tel  &  Fax:  (+ 39)
email: info@luigidelmonte.com

Luigi Del Monte is an Italian Jewish artist and engineer who specializes in contemporary art and design, and commissions for Private Collections.

Since he started his first designs in 1998, initially focusing on Jewish Ceremonial Objects, his works were immediatly recognized internationally. Now, his works are in the permanant collection of prestigious institutions, including:

  • The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • Spertus Museum, Chicago
  • Skirball Museum, Los Angeles
  • Museo dei Lumi, Casale Monferrato, Italy
  • Italian Jewish Museum, Florence, Italy

His works received several international awards & honors. Among them:

MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art, New York) featured two of his designs in the Winter 2000 Design Store catalog. His work can be found in respected galleries, such as the Moss Gallery in New York.

Many of his works, including one-of-a-kind silver pieces, furniture and large outdoor sculptures, were commissioned for important private collections.

He is now dedicated to designing all kinds of modern items.




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